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Animation and video is everywhere and increasingly popular in the busy information filled world we live in.  Humans are a visual crowd and we love to consume information by watching engaging content.  Research shows that 72 hours after visiting a site most people only remember about 65% of the images they saw.  What’s more, they only recall 10% of what they read in the site test.  However,  they usually recall 90% of the video they saw.  This suggests that if you’re goals are to look professional and get your points across with a lasting impression animation and videos are a great way to do that.

Recent studies have shown that a website or page with a limited amount of  content (or an uncluttered User Interface or UI) and an entertaining or informative video is more likely to keep the attention of a visitor.  That’s one reason why more and more companies are choosing to create brand characters, animate and shoot videos for distribution on the web as well as create  explainer video (often animated) to present new ideas and new products.

Keeping audiences engaged vs all the content out there can be a challenge.   Original animation can be a great way to overcome this challenge.  With a good idea, a well written script and some creative thinking mixed with the talent of a great artist, designer, illustrator and animator magic can happen!

If you’re thinking of creating an animation or video for entertainment, to explain a concept (in an explainer video) or you just want more engaging content why not contact us to find out more.

Below is an example of how animation can entertain and drive traffic.  This trailer and the content attracted over 15 million views amongst a 16-34 male audience.

Park Life Animated Series Trailer

Park Life animated series follows the weird and crazy adventures of the wild, rude and funny animal characters that are the main attraction at “Sir Connor Tiste’s Adventure Land!” — a Jurassic Park meets Disney World theme park knock off that is anything but “family friendly”.

Voices By:
Harry Enfield (Dave Dolphin, Charles Corgi, Nigel The Zombie Safety Inspector)
Tony Way (Buster Cheetah)
Denise Van Outen (Sexy Nurse)
Simon Farnaby (Axel Ass)
Sven Davison (Franco Frog, Announcer, Dolphin)